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M. McCain , ND from AR, of the Herbal Healer Academy , relates that Myosteo has proven to be effective in for helping painful bone spurs. She had a patient with crippling bone spurs of the spine. The patient could barely walk, could not work and was facing spinal surgery. Myosteo, when taken as directed, not only recommended the pain but also improved the patient's condition so much so that he was able to get back to work driving a bulldozer and avoided surgery altogether.

J.Kerner, DO from DE, reports on D.K., a 19 year old male who injured both knees from wrestling & military training. He tried many other methods without success. Taking Myosteo relieved pain in both knees.

T.C, a 52 year old male from CA, has a very painful neck. After 14 adjustments by a chiropractor, MIT use and only 2 days on Myosteo, thepain was 80% alleviated. Since then, he would take Myosteo for his headaches and temporal pain. He used to take over the counter pain relievers like Advil, which relieved the pain but a throbbing in the temple persisted. He would also get a stomachache. With Myosteo, he had complete pain relief and none of these side effects.

H.Camp, reflexologist from CA, has a 70 year old female patient with great pain when walking even with the aid of a cane due to severe arthritis in both knees. Following a series of 10 daily sessions with the MIT and taking Myosteo, she has no pain and is able to walk freely without her cane.

Myosteo for headaches and migraines

Myosteo is excellent for helping to alleviate headaches and migraines. The MIT device can also be used in addition to Myosteo. This device is excellent for recurrent migraine headaches.

D. Warton , DC from NV: “I have known Dr. Chi since 1988. I was having many headaches – With Myosteo, I rarely have them anymore. I have lost 70lbs. He saw my husband and told him to keep an eye on his small intestines – Dr. Chi had no idea my husband's father had passed away of cancer of the small intestine only a few weeks before! Dr.Chi has helped us to manage patients in our practice from the books and info we have gotten from him. Thanks Dr.Chi for everything”

D.D. from CA reports that none of her medications has worked until she tried Myosteo, Now she always uses Myosteo for her migraines.