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Myomin: Aromatase Inhibitor for Estrogen-Dominant Disorders

The primary role of estrogen is the development of female sex characteristics. It is also an important hormone in childbearing women and in maintain bone strength. Estrogen also plays a role in cell activity. When estrogen is released, it passes directly into cells throughout the body, binds to receptors in the target cells, and initiates cell activity, determining how they will function for the rest of an individual's life. Because estrogen dictates important mechanisms such as protein production and cell division, it is vital to growth processes not just during puberty but in adult life. However, its role in signalling cells to divide and multiply can trigger and promote abnormal growth of estrogen-responsive tissues. Estrogen-dominant disorders such as endometriosis, cysts, fibroids and breast cancer result from this process. Treatment of these disorders, therefore, involves blocking the action of estrogen of the affected tissues.

There are two ways to block the action of estrogen. On is by attaching to its receptors (selective estrogen receptor modulation). This stops the signalling that triggers cell division in target tissues. Another method is aromatase inhibition, which reduces estrogen production by blocking its conversion from androstenedione and testosterone.

Myomin is an all-natural herbal formula that can perform both functions. It contains Aralia, Smilax glabra, Curcurma zedoria, and Cyperus rotundus. These herbs have been traditionally used for various female ailments and hormone related disorders. Aralia and Cyperus rotundus both can reduce estradiol. Cyperus is also effective against cervical endometriosis and cervical carcinoma. Additionally, Aralia has been found to be cytotoxic against several human cancer cell lines.

Myomin inhibits the aromatase enzyme

Aromatase is a key enzyme in the synthesis of estrogen. Specifically, it converts androstenedione into estrone and testosterone into estradiol. For instance, evidence shows that breast cancer and prostate cancer tissues overexpress aromatase. Inhibiting aromatase, therefore, plays an important role in suppressing the deleterious action of estrogen on hormone related conditions.

The aromatase inhibition mechanism is not only relevant to women but to men as well. Evidence supports the idea that elevated estrogen levels and aromatase expression in men can cause abnormalities, especially in the prostate. In men, estrogen is primarily synthesized in fat tissue. This is why men with metabolic conditions (e.g. diabetes) and high body mass index usually exhibit high serum estrogen levels. Some abnormalities that canresult include undescended testis, low sperm count/quality, and decreased testosterone levels. Ther is also some proof that fetal exposure to environmental estrogens increases incidence of testicular cancer. Estrogen depletion and aromatase inhibition, therefore, are important therapies for men as well.

An in vivo study demonstrates that Myomin inhibits the aromatase enzyme in the ectopic endometrium and ovarian tissue of rats. Aromatase was expressed markedly in the untreated ectopic endometrium of the positive control group. On the other hand, aromatase expression significantly decreased in the ectopic endometrium of the Myomin group after 28 days.

Similar to the ectopic endometrium tissue, aromatase expression was remarkably high in the untreated ovaries of the positive control group. After 28 days of therapy with Myomin, aromatase expression was significantly reduced in the ovarian tissue.

Image analysis of both the ectopic endometrium and ovarian tissues yielded elevated armoatase expression in the positive control group (108.9 and 149.8, respectively) in both tissues. After administration with Myomin for 28 days, aromatase expression reduced to 34.7 in the endometrium and 47.0 in the ovary. This translates to a 100% reduction of aromatase expression in the endometrium and an 85.6% reduction in the ovary compared to the negative control group.

Myomin has three functions

  • It inhibits the aromatase enzyme, effectively reducing estradiol levels by preventing the conversion of androgens to estrone and estradiol. This allows testosterone and estriol (the good estrogen) to accumulate. Aromatase inhibition has become a worthwhile target in many estrogen-dominant disorders
  • It competes with estradiol at the estrogen receptors. This function is particularly effective in cases where estrogen receptors are fully stimulated (e.g. after HRT). Competing with estradiol prevents estradiol from binding to receptors. As a result, proliferation of cells is avoided and abnormal growth inhibited.
  • In increase interferon (IFN) and interleukin-2 (IL-2). IL-2 induces the proliferation of immune cells, enhancing the body's ability to kill tumor cells. IFN stimulates natural killer cells and is active against tumors.

It is worth noting that, in the Chang Hai Hospital studies show that approximately 1% of the subjects taking Myomin experienced side effects such as nausea and bloating. These symptoms abate when Myomin dosage is reduced or when it is taken with meals.

Myomin reduces estradiol levels

One study performed at the Shanghai Medical School illustrates the effect of Myomin on estradiol levels of mice during pregnancy – a period when estradiol levels are especially high. Two groups of 12 mice each were used in the study. One group was used as the control. The other group was given Myomin beginning 15 days into pregnancy. Three days later (on the 18 th day of the study), the average estradiol level of the Myomin group was 7.22pg/ml, approximately seven tiems less than the control group. After 6 days of taking Myomin (on the 21 st day of the study), their average estradiol level was 8.81 pg/ml while it was 85.98 pg/ml for the control group.

In another study, 90 female mice were divided into three groups. Each group was then given Myomin for 30, 60 and 180 days, respectively. The average estradiol levels after each period was 50.6, 36.6, and 32.4 pg/ml, respectively. After 180 days, the estradiol level stabilised. These results demonstrate long-term use of Myomin reduces estradiol in such a way that it maintains around the normal level. No side effects were reporet in this study.

A human study involved 60 postmenopausal women with cysts and/or fibroids. Postmenopausal women were studied because their estradiol levels are more stable than those of premenopaual women. Initially, the average estradiol level was 74.52 pg/ml. After only 10 days on Myomin, their average estradiol level reduced to 38.84 pg/ml. The fibroids, cysts and associated pain gradually reduced.

R.bernhoft, MD from WA, reports that a male patient in his 50s had a high estrogen level. After taking Myomin for about 3 months, his estrogen level returned to normal.

Myomin on various estrogen dominant disorders

A study from Chang Hai Hospital involved 75 cases of fibrocystic breasts (70 women ages 18 to 52 years old and 5 men ages 62 to 64 years old). Sixty five percent of the women were under 35 years old. 25 cases were in the control group while 50 cases were in the Myomin group. Results of the study revealed that, in 14 cases, the fibrocystic breast completely cleared after 1 month of taking myomin while, in 16 cases, the fibrocystic breast reduced 50% in size. Among the five men in the study, the cysts cleared completely in 3 cases. Complete results of the study are enumerated below

Myomin on Fibrocystic Breast in Men and Women
Number of cases
Myomin Group
Control Group
No Change

Overall the effective rate of Myomin is more than 60% compared to the control group's 12% rate. In the Myomin group, in 48 out of 50 cases, associated pain cleared or tremendously reduced (p value <0.05) while in the control group, pain reduced in only 12 out of 25 cases.

V. Vidov , ND from NY, has a 40 year old female patient who had a fibroid cyst the size of an egg. After only 3 months on Myomin, the cyst disappeared.

J. Fowler from FL has a 42 year old female client who had 6 nodules in the breast (2 big and 4 small ones), found through several mammograms. After 4 months on Myomin, all the nodules are gone. Her doctor couldn't believe it.

A 1994 clinical study was conducted on 255 patients with ovarian cysts and endometriosis. After 5 months, Myomin was effective on 147 patients (57%) while some improvements was observed in 87 patients (34.1%). No effect was observed in only 21 patients.

Another study was conducted on both pre- and postmenopausal women with ovarian cysts. In one study from the Chang Hai Hospital in Shanghai , China , 85 female patients with ovarian cysts were involved, with ages ranging from 27 to 64 years old (more than 50% of them between 34 and 45 years old). Out of the 85, 40 cases were related to endometriosis (hyatidiform cyst), 44 cases were simple ovarian cysts and 1 case of ovarian cancer. After 1 to 3 courses of the herbal formula, the cysts and symptoms of 15 patients completely cleared with no recurrence 3 months after the study. In 34 patients, the size of the cyst reduced by 50% and some of the associated symptoms were relieved.

Y. Dikansky, DDS from NY, has a 38 year old female patient with an ovarian cyst for 8 years. The cyst was 3.7x6x2. After 3 months on Myomin, the cyst cleared.

A 2000 study at the Shanghai Medical School was performed on 60 patients with small uterine fibroids. It revealed that if Myomin is used in combination with Revivin, it is 69.2% effective on uterine fibroids that exceed 2.5cm³ in size. Another alternative would be to combine Myomin with Angiostop, an angiogenesis inhibitor.

Effect of Myomin and Revivin on
60 uterine fibroid patients after 6 months
Effective 69.2%
Improved 19.0%
No Change 11.8%

J.Stickel, DC from IA, reports on a patient with uterine fibroids and colon polyps. After taking Myomin for 3 months, her uterine fibroids and polyps had completely disappeared.

W. Stimack, NMD from IN, has a 29 year old female patient with 12 fibroids that made her appear 8 months pregnant. The fibroids cleared after 5 months on Myomin.

The applications of aromatase inhibitors in many health conditions are continually increasing today. They have been shown to reduce the risk of recurrent breast cancer especially when used for a longer period. However, the aromatase inhibitor drugs in the market today are indicated for postmenopausal women only. This is very limiting especially since more and more premenopausal women are developing estrogen-related conditions. It is for this reason that the results of these studies on Myomin are significant. As stated in an earlier section, Myomin has been used in clinical studies and found to be effective in both premenopausal and postmenopausal women with ovarian cysts, fibrocystic breast and endometriosis as well as in men with fibrocystic breast. It is able to produce these favourable results by inhibiting aromatase and consequently reducing estrogen levels.

Aromatase inhibition is important in men as well. As men age, testosterone is being more readily converted to estrogen through the aromatase enzyme. Increased estrogen levels can lead to problems such as prostate cancer, prostatitis, and even gynecomastia. Evidence suggests that local aromatase expression in the prostate increases in malignancy. In fact, the level of aromatase expression in malignant prostate tissue is comparable to that in breast cancer tissue. As a result, local estrogen levels are also promoted at the prostate tumor site, increasing growth. Aromatase inhibitors like myomin will help block the action of aromatase, thereby minimising the depletion of testosterone and reducing estrogen levels.

Various Applications of Myomin
Fibrocystic breast Colon polyps
Endometriosis Cervical cancer
Ovarian cyst Breast cancer
Uterine Fibroid Ovarian cancer
Thyroid cyst Uterine cancer
Kidney cyst Prostate cancer
Liver cyst Testicular cancer
Neurofibromatosis Belly fat

A.Schwartz, DC from PA, reports on a 2.5 year old boy with very rare Type 2 neurofibromatosis. Two were found in the brain when he was one year old and another one was found in March 2003. Then he took Myomin (weight dependant). Three months later, his MRI showed that the neurofibromatosis has stablised. No Angiostop and Revivin were given because the patient was too young.

M. McCain , ND from AR, states: “Myomin has proven exceptional in reducing hard to dissolve fibroid tumors and liver and kidney cysts. We have many remarkable testimonials.”

J.Fowler from FL has a 24 year old male client with a cyst on his testicle. With Myomin, it went away. He says, “Dr.Chi saved my life!”

S. Young , ND from CO, has the following reports:

A 38 year old female patient had a colloid cyst on her thyroid. Her regular MD wanted to give her prescriptions to shut down her thyroid “and see what would happen.” She tried Myomin instead and the cyst melted away in 3 weeks.

Another patient had adhesive scar tissue in his lungs, for which she recommended myomin, etc. After about 7 months, he is able to breathe and sleep again without pain. He is now able to exercise freely and take deep breaths with only one small area of pain. His ability to rest and sleep has improved tremendously.

Jack Wise, ND from OK, has a 42 year old female patient with polycystic kidney disease, which progressed into kidney failure. She had whole body edema. After using Myomin, Asparagus Extract and Bathdetox, she is 99% better clinically.

K. Hajduk , DC from CA, reports on a 50 year old male patient whose PSA level was 7.9. He recommended that the patient take Myomin, Revivin and use the MIT once a day. After 4 months, the patient's PSA dropped to 2.

Myomin may also offer relief of menopausal symptoms

Myomin has also been reported to be effective in reducing the severity and frequency of hot flashes in some women. Although its exact mechanism on this particular function remains to be elucidated, it may be explained by Myomin's ability to compete with estrogen at the cells' estrogen receptors. It should be noted, however, that some women experience worsening of symptoms with Myomin. This is probably due to very low levels of estrogen in these women.

Thu Le from WA has a 50 year old menopausal client who experienced hot flashes, cold sweats, and irregular sleeping habits. Within a week of taking myomin, her symptoms reduced by 50%. Now she's so thankful for Myomins effects on her.

B.C. from CA also experienced similar results. She has had hot flashes since she started menopause. But after taking only a minimal dose of Myomin, she does not experience any hot flashes anymore.

Robin Welch, DC from CA, has a 47 year old female patient who had hot flashes and sleeping problems from 5 years. Chi-F and Myomin were recommended for her. On the first day, she could already fell a difference. After a month on the supplements, she could sleep well and her hot flashes have been eliminated.

D.B., RN from VT, used natural progesterone in 1999. After 3 years, she developed fibroids. She then used DIM for a few weeks but had headaches and hot flashes. In Sept 2005, she added Myomin. In May 2006, she added Revivin, Angiostop. Now all her fibroids are gone.

Myomin for Abdominal Fat

An aromatase inhibitor like Myomin can also reduce abdominal fat. Abdominal obesity is associated with decreased testosterone levels (or hypogonadism) and increased estradiol levels. Hypogonadism leads to the deposition of fat in the abdomen. As fat accumulates, aromatase activity increases at the site, causing more testosterone to be converted into estradiol. Taking testosterone or DHEA supplements is not enough because if aromatase is uncontrolled, then testosterone and DHEA will eventually be converted to estradiol. Adding an aromatase inhibitor like Myomin blocks the action of aromatase, effectively preventing the testosterone from being converted into estradiol. This leads to more muscle mass and the loss of abdominal weight.

T.M. a 47 year old male from NY, took Myomin for 4 months and followed a proper diet. He reduced his weight from 220 to 195lbs and has lost 2 inches around his waist.

C.H., PhD from CA, has a 52 year old patient who reduced his total body fat from 32% to 16% after 5months on Myomin.

Myomin is an herbal formula that is both an anti-estrogen agent and an aromatase inhibitor. This formula combined with Angiostop, and angiogenesis inhibitor, presents an effective combination for breast cancer. Revivin may also be added to help kill cancer cells. To boost the immune system, Asparagus Extract and Reishi Spore Extract are recommended.

C. Olson , ND , CCN from CA and TX, has a 67 year old female who has ductal carcinoma in situ. Her tumor was large enough that it broke through her skin and kept oozing fluids. Then she started taking Angiostop, Revivin, and Myomin. After 7 months on these herbs alone, she reports that the tumor is flatter and the blood vessels have dried out.

L. Mann, OMD, LAc from CA, has a 42 year old female patient with an estradiol level of 690 in Sept. 2003. A mammogram revealed that she had a very invasive ductal carcinoma in situ in the left breast. After a lumpectomy and using Myomin, Angiostop, and Revivin for 4 months, her estradiol reduced to 35 and she's now cancer free.

J. Privitera , MD from CA, has a 60 year old female patient diagnosed with breast cancer in October 1994. She initially used a different treatment and went on remission in 2000. But the cancer recurred. Her CA 27.29 was 47. She then took Angiostop, Myomin and Revivin. Now she's doing better and even working full time. Her CA 27.29 has reduced to 36.

S. Young , ND from CO, has a 40 year old female patient with stage 4 breast cancer. Her breast cancer marker, CA 27.29, was 973. After 2.5 months on Angiostop, Asparagus Ext, and Reishi Spore, her CA 27.29 dropped 300 points.

M. Ames , DC from PA, has two female breast cancer patients in their 60s who, after chemotherapy, were still in bad shape. After adding Angiostop, Revivin, Myomin, Asparagus Extract, Reishi Spore Extract, Cordyceps and Vein Lite, both are doing well.

C., Lee, FNP , PA , PhD from CA, has a 28-year-old female patient has an 8cm breast tumor. Her breast cancer has spread to the bone and her physician told her that, with chemo, she will have 3 months to live at best. After undergoing chemo, she got very ill. Then she took Angiostop and Myomin. After 3 months, her breast mass was gone. Five more months later, a bone scan revealed that the spot is almost clear.

Myomin And Chi-F For PCOS

PCOS is associated with an excess level of the androgens testosterone, androstenedione, and DHEA. This leads to a condition of excess hair growth, which is common in some women with PCOS.

Managing PCOS involves inducing ovulation, making the menstrual cycle normal and reducing associated symptoms. In many cases, supplementation with progesterone is recommended. However, there are may be future risks involved.

In the biochemical pathway of sex hormones, progesterone and androgens are precursors to estrogen. This means that the higher the amount of progesterone and androgens, the more estrogen is produced (through the action of the aromatase enzyme). Excess estrogen is common in obese women. As fat accumulates, aromatase activity increases, leading to the conversion of more androgens into estrogen.

Myomin is an ideal supplement for normalising estrogen levels. It acts by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, stopping the conversion of androgens into estrogen. Numerous studies have shown that Myomin is able to reduce estrogen levels in as little as 10 days. It also reduces ovarian cysts.

Because of the imbalance of hormones in PCOS, Chi-F is also recommended. Studies have shown that Chi-F balances hormones in the body, making it effective for reducing symptoms associated with menstrual abnormalities in women.

The Development of Myomin, a Chinese herbal formula, has been clinically shown to reduce fibroid cysts, to have effective inhibition rates and improve immunity. It contains Curcuma zedoaria (Berg.) Rosc., Cyperus rotundus L., Smilax glabra Roxb., Areca catechu L. (Pericarpium arecae), and Aralia Dasyphylla Miq. Myomin has also been proven to induce interferon, tumor necrosis factor, interleukin-2, and lymphatic toxin. This herbal supplement is especially beneficial when treating ovarian poly-cysts as well as mammary ductal hyperplasia. In addition, it has been found to be effective in treating breast cancer as well as cervical cancer. Through clinical data it has been shown that Myomin is excellent for treating endometriosis and does not result in negative side effects such as weight gain or dry vagina. For best results, Myomin should be taken 3 times a day, 2-3 capsules each time. It should only be taken 30 minutes after each meal.

In another respect, Myomin can reduce myoma symptoms and significantly reduce the size of the growths. Myomin is good for maintaining good health in female organs such as the breasts, uterus and ovaries. This amazing mixture has also been shown to prevent ectopic pregnancy, adjust irregular menstrual cycles, prevent post-operative adhesion of organs and now has been found to work on skin tumors as well. Myomin works best on tumors no larger than 2-3cm in each dimension. It is excellent for kidney and thyroid cysts. Improvements should be seen within 2-3 months of treatment. In regard to cervical cancer, a speedy rate of improvement (within 4-6 months) should also be observed. The product works to increase circulation and dissolve clots, detoxifying the system and mitigating fever. It is excellent for alleviation of enlarged livers and spleens and cirrhosis.

Clinical Studies:

In an experiment done to test the effectiveness of Myomin, 100 patients were given Myomin and after a 2-3 month treatment period, two-thirds of tumors were reduced and the overall volume of menstrual fluid was reduced by 50%. The total effectiveness rate was 44% while the control group showed only 15% effectiveness using conventional treatment only.

Myomin also helps to shrink fibroid and so is also beneficial for patients who suffer from cysts found in the ovary, kidney, liver, thyroid and breasts. Clinical studies have shown that Myomin is capable of inhibiting cysts and abnormal growths, such as tumors, as well as improving immunity, induce interferon levels, tumor necrosis factor and interleukins. The results of several hundred case studies regarding ovarian cysts show that the effectiveness of Myomin on ovarian cysts is 57.7%. In addition to being the most commonly found benign tumor on female genitalia, myoma is the most frequently observed tumor in the entire body. Myomin has been clinically shown to reduce myoma symptoms of galactoma, neurinoma, endometriosis and cysts in many organs.

Myomin on 255 Ovarian Cyst Patients

1 months

2 months

3 months

4 months

# of patients












No effect



Rate of effectiveness: 57.7% in 5 months

Myomin for Osteoporosis and Kidney Function

Myomin has also been shown to be excellent in the improvement of osteoporosis and kidney function. In a test including 160 people (152 women and 8 men) with osteoporosis, 29% of the patients actually improved their condition with use of the product, as well as their overall bone density in a course of 2 years. Conventional calcium treatment methods showed only a 10% rate of effectiveness. And since the product is shown to be good for the kidneys, it works to prevent hair loss in those with poor kidney function. In tests conducted on over 1000 patients at the Bejing Red Cross Hospital, 86% benefited from Myomin use.

Chang Hai Hospital in Shang Hai reported 75 case studies involving fibrocystic breast disease. Five of the patients were males. Their ages ranged from 18-52 years old. The two males were 62 and 64 years years old. 65% of the group were under 35 years old. 50 of the patients were treated with Myomin and the other 25 were used as controls in a double blind study. The myomin group consisted of 38 people with both breasts afflicted. More than 60% of the fibrocysts were over 3cm. They were treated with Myomin three times a day, three capsules at a time, for up to 3 months. Within one month, 14 cases were already improved. Totally, only 5 cases were unaffected. 90% of the cases showed improvements. 95% of the patients reported a reduction in pain. Both males and females experienced these positive results.

Case Report:

In the 1991 case study involved a 47-year-old patient who had noticed a large amount of menstrual fluid, with many clots that continued for periods of between 14-50 days in length. Ultrasound tests showed that the right corner of her uterus had a 3.2 x 2.2 x 2 cubic cm tumor. As her physical condition ruled out the possibility of surgery, she opted to try Myomin for 45 days, after which her condition cleared up amazingly. Her case was followed for 6 months after treatment, with no relapse.

Another case report, this one conducted in 1993, regards a 32 year old woman who had lengthy and massive menstrual flows with frequent clotting following giving birth. She noticed a movable, hard lump in her upper left abdomen, as well as frequent bouts with nausea, vomiting, chest congestion, insomnia and dryness of mouth and tongue. Her tongue coloring was very light and had a thick coating. The tumor was measured to be 2.5 x 4 x 3 cubic cm. With the use of Myomin for 52 days the tumor completely disappeared.

Dr Eberting's, St Louis , MO. Patient regards a 21 year old women with massive scar tissue on her female organs. Another doctor told her if the scar tissue continues to grow her reproductive organs must be removed, she used MIT four times for 30 minutes. Doctor remained her and the scar tissue has improved, after one month the scar tissue has disappeared.

When taken 30 minutes after meals, 3 times a day, Myomin produces excellent results. For those with Ductal hyperplasia, Myomin successfully inhibits proliferation of the lactation ducts and the difference is noticeable within days of treatment. Its beneficial effects on ovarian cysts can be observed within one month of usage. Symptoms of abdominal pain, myoma, and irregular period and discharge cycles are all improved within 1-2 months of taking Myomin as recommended.

Dr. McCain , AR and Dr.F.Gomez, FL uses Myomin with excellent results for Fibroid tumours and cysts in breast, ovaries, uterus, liver, thyroid, kidney's etc.