Some prescription drugs can also cause osteoporosis. Anti-inflammatory steroid drugs like Prednisone increase the risk for osteoporosis. These drugs decrease new bone formation, increase the breakdown of old bones and reduce the absorption of calcium.

Youth Chi For Osteoporosis

Youth Chi is a non-calcium natural supplement that improves bone formation without using the estrogen route. It contains Sesamum indicum, Zizphus jujube, Cistanche salsa. Rehmannia glutinosa, Cordyceps sinensis, Astragalus membranaceus, Polygonum multiflorum, Lycium chinensis and Chaenomeles sinensis. Youth Chi increases bone mass density, enhances bone calcium content, and prevents calcium loss from bones.

A 2003 study revealed that Youth Chi improved bone density in 96 patients (90 females and 6 males) over a 6 month period. Initially, the average bone mass density (BMD) of the subjects was 62.42% of the normal BMD. After 6 months on only Youth Chi and no calcium supplement, their average BMD increased to 66.48%. Overall, Youth Chi increased BMD significantly in 54.17% of the patients (or 52 cases). Some improvement was observed in and additional 44.79% of the subjects while only 1 patient did not experience any effect on BMD

Further studies also revealed that Youth Chi improved serum levels of BGP (bone-gla-protein), a special protein of osteoblast cells, and reduced urine PYD (pyridinoline), a constituent of bone formation. In 70 patients, serum BGP increased from 7.42 ng/mL to 10.94 ng/mL after 6 months of taking Youth Chi, signifying that bone formation was promoted. In the same study, urine PYD levels were also measured. An elevated PYD level denotes bone loss. At the start of the study, the average PYD level was 39.27ng/mL. After 6 months on Youth Chi, PYD levels reduced to 30.38ng/mL.

Youth Chi on 70 cases of Osteoporosis
Serum BGP (ng/ml)
Urine PYD (ng/ml)

In both studies, Youth Chi had no impact on the subjects' estrogen levels, which makes it an even better alternative to other osteoporosis treatments that alter estrogen levels. Furthermore, Youth Chi did not affect BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and the liver enzymes. SGOT and SGPT. This means that it does not harm the kidney or liver.

For more information read Dr Chi's HERBAL FORMULAS 2nd Edition by Tsu-Tsair Chi, NMD, PhD