Liver Cirrhosis

Herbal recommendation for liver cirrhosis is liver chi, cordyceps extract, and digestron. If ascites is involved, bathdetox is also recommended. It is important to note that psoriasis patients seem to be more prone to fibrotic liver changes, often seen as liver cirrhosis. For psoriasis sufferers who also have liver problems, Psoricaid is recommended with Liver Chi.

J.G., 51 year old male from CA, had stage 3.5 liver cirrhosis and was due for a liver transplant. He had edema, jaundiced skin, and fatigue. Then Liver Chi, Cordyceps extract, Bathdetox, Asparagus Extract and Reisi Spore Extract were recommended to him. After only 3 days he feld better and had more energy. A month and a half later, he had increased energy and mental clarity, his insomnia was gone, and his edema reduced. He had lost 38lbs., but after 4 months on the program he has gained back about 15lbs.

R. Welch , DC from CA has a 70 year old female patient had Hepatitis B which has already progressed to liver cirrhosis. Severe skin itching, a symptom of liver problem, was also exhibited. In September 2002, the patient had elevated levels of liver enzymes, albumin, bilirubin, protein and Alkaline phosphate levels were above the normal values. At the time she stared taking Liver Chi, Digestron, Cordyceps Extact and Asparagus Extract, she was taking several prescription medications for her liver condition. After 2 weeks, she was able to reduce five of her prescription medications. After 5 months on the program, her liver enzymes, Alkaline phosphatase, and protein were within normal range. Her levels of albumin and bilirubin were almost within normal range. Her itching was also eliminated and her liver function improved.

Serum levels of a liver cirrhosis patient before and after
taking the Chi Liver program

5 Months After
Albumin (g/dl)


Total Bilirubin (mg/dl)


Direct bilirubin (mg/dl)


Alk Phos





L.L. a 59 year old male from FL, had liver cirrhosis. His liver enzymes (AST, ALT) were over 300. After taking Liver Chi, Cordyceps and Digestron, his liver enzymes reduced to 17 and 26 respectively.

Liver Chi protects the liver from damage, promotes liver regeneration, provides relief from symptoms associated with liver impairment and helps the body recover from liver disorders such as fatty liver, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.

M. McCain , ND from AR, of the Herbal Healer Academy has a patient who suffered from Hepatitis A. he had an enlarged liver and only 5-10% liver function. He was given Liver Chi for three weeks and remarkably felt no more pain. After 5 months of continued use, the sensation of bitter mouth disappeared and he recovered 85% of this liver function.

R. Kunin, MD, from CA, has a 54 year old female patient with Hepatitis A. She had gallstone pain and migraines for the past 10 years that caused her to vomit and also have terrible bowel movements. Her cystine and phosphoserine serum levels are so low, indicating she has liver problems. But she cannot take phosphorylcholine and inositol, which se needs to improve her serum levels because she vomits yellow-green bile. She also has heart palpitations because she cannot take glutathione. She had tried many different medications and herbs from other sources with no results. Later she found out only Vein Lite worked. She must take Vein Lite so that she can take phosphorylcholine and inositol for nutrition. Now only Vein Lite, Digestron and Liver Chi can help her metabolism.

H.S. a 78 year old male from CA, has Hepatitis B and was extremely tired. After taking Liver Chi for 5 months, his ALT level dropped from 190 to 90 and his energy level increased tremendously.

D.Smith, MD from London , reports on a 31 year old male patient with Hepatitis C. His AST (SGOT) and ALT (SPGT) levels were over 300. He stayed in hospital for 2 months, taking interferon medication, but he suffered from side effects. He hten took Liver Chi, Reishi Spore Extract, Asparagus Extract, Digestron, and Cordyceps Extract. One and a half months later, his AST dropped to 24 and is ALT level dropped to 30. Four more months later, his virus titer dropped 80%.

M.A. from CA had hepatitis C for many years. Her AST and ALT levels were 155 and 267, respectively. Two months later she started taking Liver Chi, Vein Lite, Asparagus Extract, Cordyceps Extract, and Reishi Spore Extract. After 6 months on the herbs, her AST level reduced to 80, her AST level reduced to 123 and she has no more fatigue.

A.Heyer, ND, DC from NY, reports that he had many Hepatitis C patients whose conditions were improved by Liver Chi within 3 to 6 months. In one serious case, a patient took Liver Chi for 3 years and the Hepatitis C virus titer decreased to zero.

S.M., a 45-year-old male from NY, had an ALT level of 123 and AST level of 52 in August 8, 2000. Then he started taking Liver Chi, Asparagus Extract, and Cordyceps Extract. Two months later, both levels reduced to 73 and 36, repectively. Then in Feb., 2001, these further went down to 65 and 32. Two months later, his liver function is normal.

K.Hoffman, D.Ac. from CT, has a 50 year old male patient whose liver enzymes have been elevated for 22 years due to non-alcoholic fatter liver. After taking Liver Chi for 3 months, his liver enzymes were back to normal.

For more information read Dr Chi's HERBAL FORMULAS 2nd Edition by Tsu-Tsair Chi, NMD, PhD